Bills to pay!!!

Here you can make yourself usefull, if this is possible in any way! and choose to pay my bills, And there are some and alwayas will come new ones, so you better search for a second job if you cant afford my comfort!

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Fiat money

I accept FIAT-Money donations in Euro, Pound,

Swiss-Franc, US-Dollar and YEN!

Pay ME in Cryptocurrency!

As your Mistress is intressted to invest in different digital assets you can serve me with donations in my provided wallet links for transfer in the choosen cryptocurrency.

You can serve me in any digital asset wich is or will rising in value!

Goddess Findom Sidney

As I decided only 3 more cashpigs to include in my stable the amount of your first tribut will be important! 



Findom Sidney Mistress Footworship HumanATM

As well you can pay me by “Revolut”. 


 Isabelle Pia Gassen

IBAN: LT74 3250 0181 6077 0484


About ME!

I expect a submissive pay pig with a potent bank account or whatever! Possess which ones by and by Me! Overwriting and handing over your new mistress of money is valid until you are ruined! I have no sympathy for you, not at all, because my base is secured, so I shit on you if you bitch, whine or lie about the money you have to give me! I’m only interested in the fun of luxury and spending money itself because then it makes life almost as beautiful as myself. So I don’t need ducat shit! I’m highly intelligent and it’s not worth it for you to mess with me on a psychological level.

I crush you like a little worm with a faint smile…